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Lights, Camera, Conversation… “The unknown soldiers of cinema”

April 18, 2014


A small attempt at a redress for those who did interesting, innovative, things but remain forgotten by the establishment. VK Murthy’s demise brought forth a number of justly deserved tributes, and many of them focused (rightly) on his work with Guru Dutt. They spoke about the visuals in Pyaasa, Kaagaz Ke Phool and the title […]

Lights, Camera, Conversation… “Memories of another day”

April 11, 2014


With film-based books, our enjoyment is twofold. We enjoy the memories in the book. And we enjoy our own memories that rise from these memories. In Nasreen Munni Kabir’s Conversations with Waheeda Rehman, the actress talks about a problem with a costume she had to wear for the Kahin pe nigahen song sequence in C.I.D. […]

Queens of the box office

March 27, 2014


How wonderful to see heroine-oriented emancipation sagas becoming big hits… provided the emancipation is achieved in glamorous foreign lands. Kangana Ranaut’s film Queen deserves to be celebrated for many reasons. For one, it is “a Kangana Ranaut film.” She is in every frame, a heroine with no need for a hero opposite her. Two, the […]

Lights, Camera, Conversation… “Highway robbery… or happenstance?”

February 28, 2014


A few days after the release of Imtiaz Ali’s wonderful new film, the Internet is abuzz with accusations of plagiarisation. But is that really the case? I liked Imtiaz Ali’s Highway a lot, and when rumours began cropping up on the Internet that the film was a copy of The Chase – a 1994 action-comedy […]

The natural

February 14, 2014


Balu Mahendra, who died yesterday of cardiac arrest, was one of the handful of filmmakers who, in the 1970s, changed the face of Tamil cinema. He was also one of the handful who could be termed an auteur. Every film he made was distinctly his. Part of this was, of course, due to his roots […]

Lights, Camera, Conversation… “A few good women”

February 7, 2014


On films for “women audiences,” films like Suchitra Sen’s ‘Mamta’, where the hero played second fiddle to the heroine. When Suchitra Sen passed away, I wanted to write something about Bombai Ka Babu, which I think is the most interesting Hindi film she made – a “commercial” film with a huge star (Dev Anand), and yet […]

Lights, Camera, Conversation… “Poems, with beats and a great tune…”

January 31, 2014


Vairamuthu’s Padma Bhushan honour is a reminder (if any were needed) that the lyrics written for films are sometimes on par with the best poetry. We all read prose, some of us write prose, but when it comes to poetry, we excuse ourselves from the table, suddenly remembering something more important. I don’t think it’s […]

Seeking unity in diversity

January 29, 2014


In a country as diverse as ours, how do we prevent the ghettoisation of the regional film industries? Subtitles could be a start… When an Elizabeth Taylor or a Paul Newman dies, all of America grieves. One reason, of course, is that these stars belonged to a time when we had to go to the movies, like […]

Lights, Camera, Conversation… “Back on the big screen”

January 17, 2014


The re-release of “Sholay” shows us, again, that this isn’t just a great action movie, but a great movie, period. The 3D is just frippery. When the thakur, in an inspector’s uniform, shoots at the pair of handcuffs binding Jai and Veeru, bits of metal fly towards us, and when the train they’re in smashes […]

‘An entertainer should help build the moral fibre of society’

December 11, 2013


A week before Aamir Khan was to inaugurate 11th Chennai International Film Festival, he consented to a curtain-raiser interview – and on a warm Thursday afternoon, I found myself waiting in his new sea-facing office in Bandra. The space doesn’t look finished yet, and from the things lying around no clear theme is visible. An oil […]