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“Naan Sigappu Manithan”… A doze of action

April 12, 2014


Spoilers ahead… It’s probably easier for a drama to handle an exotic medical condition. Moondram Pirai was about a woman with amnesia. Sethu told the story of a man who was, for all practical purposes, an amnesiac. The loss of memory, in these movies, was a vital part of the plot. Action films, on the […]

“Maan Karate”… Brown guy in the ring

April 5, 2014


Spoilers ahead… Sivakarthikeyan, the likeable boy next door, has transformed into Sivakarthikeyan, the big star – and Maan Karate is less a film than a ticker-tape celebration of this reality. He’s given a hero-introduction song, where he’s surrounded by posters of films of our two big “mass” heroes, MGR (Naalai Namathey) and Rajinikanth (Uzhaipaali). Even […]

“Oru Kanniyum Moonu Kalavaanikalum”… Time passages

April 5, 2014


Spoilers ahead… Oru Kanniyum Moonu Kalavaanikalum is a rather silly (and one might add, needlessly provocative) title for a story that’s part sci-fi, part myth, and part one of those what-if movies where we’re invited to wonder how things might turn out had someone set out to do them a minute later. Hinting at the […]

“Inam”… Teardrops in the ocean

March 29, 2014


Spoilers ahead… Like all cinematographers, Santosh Sivan is in love with nature, and his frames are Zen-koan odes to a utopian equilibrium – the human forced to share space with the non-human. In an early scene in Inam, Nandan (S Karan), a teenager with Down’s Syndrome, is tied to a post alongside goats. Then there’s […]

“Nedunchalai”… Road rage

March 29, 2014


Spoilers ahead… In his previous film, Sillunu Oru Kaadhal, the director Krishna lost his way in trying to balance an intimate story with the overblown must-haves of a star-driven movie. He doesn’t make that mistake in Nedunchalai, which is toplined by Aari and and a terrific newcomer named Shivada. This is a rock-solid B-movie. If […]

“Cuckoo”… Love is blind

March 22, 2014


Spoilers ahead… Clichés are clichés for a reason. If used well – and with a twist – they give us the comfort of the familiar, and yet, we feel we’re seeing something fresh. It’s the bedrock of mainstream cinema. To draw large audiences, you cannot veer too much from a fairly trodden path, but the […]

“Yasakhan”… Help!

March 22, 2014


Spoilers ahead… Surya (Mahesh), the protagonist of Yasakhan, is a do-gooder. At home, he takes out the trash, washes clothes, waters the plants. And outside, he pays the neighbours’ electricity bills, walks out of an interview (he’s unemployed) so that a friend’s wife can get the job, and when an old man is knocked down […]

“Aayirathil Oruvan”… Old rush

March 15, 2014


Spoilers ahead… To watch Aayirathil Oruvan on the big screen is to go back in time, to an age when no one knew what a multiplex was, and the spit-stained theatre near your home played reruns of old movies all the time (one in the noon-show slot, another one in the regular shows). These films […]

“Nimirndhu Nil”… Message alert!

March 10, 2014


Spoilers ahead… You’ll know if Nimirndhu Nil is the kind of movie for you when you hear these words at the opening: “You are the statue. You are the sculptor. Shape yourself well, and the world will shape out well.” Movies usually end with messages, but the director Samuthirakani begins with one – and thereon, […]

“Endrendrum”… Spirited away

March 8, 2014


Spoilers ahead… Let’s say you have the idea for a timeless romance, centered on Christian characters, about the “existense [sic] of love in heaven.” Would you name the lovers Charles and Diana, after the royal couple whose marriage spiralled into the very definition of a cautionary tale, reminding us that a lavish fairy-tale wedding is […]