Acts of life

Naseeruddin Shah’s memoir is unflinching, evocative, witty, even if feels somewhat incomplete. Sometime during the “bone-wrenchingly boring six-month shoot” of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Naseeruddin Shah began to type out what would become a memoir. In the book, titled And Then One Day, Shah explains why. “For me it’s an exorcism of sorts, and […]

“Haider”… Very well made, if a tad too footnote-heavy – but why ‘Hamlet’?

Spoilers ahead… It’s possible to imagine an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet without the balcony scene – not ideal, but conceivable. Julius Caeasar, too, you could probably rewrite without Mark Antony’s appeal to friends, Romans and countrymen. But a rendering of Hamlet without the prince’s most famous soliloquy is unthinkable. Even those who haven’t read […]

“Yaan”… All icing, no cake

Spoilers ahead… You’d think a big budget would automatically make for a better movie – imagine the freedoms of a director who can do anything he wants. He can afford the best writers, the best technicians, the best locations… Why, then, do so many big movies end up so lacking, so unmemorable? Ravi K Chandran […]

I candy

Thoughts on AR Rahman’s gloriously fun and wholly individual soundtrack for the new Shankar film. You know that familiar Tamil-cinema contrivance where a prisoner in handcuffs is being led away in a police van, and the van stops at a crossing, and the prisoner looks around furtively and sees a chance, and as the cops […]