“Dekh Tamasha Dekh”… 2 faiths

April 20, 2014


Spoilers ahead… Towards the end of Dekh Tamasha Dekh, we see the police chief (Vinay Jain) of a seaside village on the phone, talking to his young son. (It’s a land line. There are no cell phones around.) He paints a beautiful picture of the place. There’s the sea, of course, and there are mermaids, […]

“2 States”… Going south

April 20, 2014


Spoilers ahead… With Ek Duuje Ke Liye or Vicky Donor, we sense the effort to make something that’s more than just a cross-culture romance, the effort to make a movie. Why not have some fun with the fact that the only Hindi the hero knows comes from the cinema, and thus have a song – […]

“Damaal Dumeel”… A shot in the dark

April 19, 2014


Spoilers ahead… In an early scene in Shree’s Damaal Dumeel, a lawyer on television goes on an anti-IT rant. He wails that his salary of Rs. 15000 is ridiculously insufficient given how expensive everything is – rather, how expensive everything has become thanks to these kids employed in software firms who earn more, spend more, […]

“Tenaliraman”… Clown of thorns

April 19, 2014


Spoilers ahead… Yuvaraj Dhayalan’s Tenaliraman isn’t about the real Tenaliraman, that wise jester of Krishnadevaraya’s court, but it opens with a classic Tenaliraman episode. (The character is played by Vadivelu, who also portrays the king of the realm, a man with 36 wives, 52 children, and a Salvador Dalí moustache.) Tenaliraman is guarding a temple […]

Lights, Camera, Conversation… “The unknown soldiers of cinema”

April 18, 2014


A small attempt at a redress for those who did interesting, innovative, things but remain forgotten by the establishment. VK Murthy’s demise brought forth a number of justly deserved tributes, and many of them focused (rightly) on his work with Guru Dutt. They spoke about the visuals in Pyaasa, Kaagaz Ke Phool and the title […]

“Bhoothnath Returns”… The perfect ghost

April 13, 2014


Spoilers ahead… How times change. In 1984, when Amitabh Bachchan was still playing the angry young man, his cure for the malignant tumour of political corruption, in Inquilaab, was to become Chief Minister and whip out a machine gun and pump bullets into the members of his party. Now that he’s older – and, on […]

Indian Premier Lok Sabha

April 12, 2014


With all the hype and media coverage around the elections and the new IPL season, Baradwaj Rangan wakes up finding it difficult keeping the two events apart. My money’s on this. Mahendra Singh Dhoni will be our next Prime Minister. Narendra Modi will lead the Mumbai Indians to victory. Television cameras, meanwhile, will zoom towards […]

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