Bitty Ruminations #43

Posted on February 17, 2011


FEB 17 – The content apart, just how lovely is the form of this article?

1. A terrific title that instantly makes you want to read the story (but without giving too much away; from this title, you’d never deduce that the rest of the piece is about copyright issues).

2. A wonderful “human-interest” opening that offsets the clinical nature of the topic under discussion — one more lure for the reader.

3. And finally, an end that doesn’t — like the horrific articles in our newspapers — attempt to sum up what went before, but instead offers just a hint of a conclusion, tying back to both the beginning and the topic that ensued. “Just like that.”

You can make out this was written by a novelist. Would you have even looked this way had the piece been titled “The Copyright Debate” or some such?

PS: The fact that books can be downloaded is more than a little disturbing, for that implies an engagement with printed material solely on the computer monitor. Don’t people like, anymore, to touch books, feel them, to smell them, to go back and revisit a cherished paragraph, or make notes in the margins? And what happens to that rocking chair you’ve designated for reading?

PPS: No, I don’t use a Kindle.