Bitty Ruminations 50

Posted on April 6, 2011


Bitty Ruminations 49 was triggered by Navin Nischol’s passing, and I thought the next edition would be about something cheerier, like my half-baked comments on politics and Tamil cinema for 9X, but now Sujatha is gone and I just have to note her passing. Am I a fan of her as an actress? Probably not. I think she was a very competent performer — nothing exceptional, though she had excellent diction, with every word chiming as clearly as a crystal bell sounded in a mountainside monastery.

But she happened to arrive at a time one particular director was making exceptional movies, and that — in some tangential way — made her exceptional to me. If KB and Sujatha had never worked together outside of Avargal, theirs would still be a collaboration to celebrate. (What a movie! I repeat, what a movie!). But they also gave us, earlier, Aval Oru Thodarkadhai — far less impressive, yes, but compared to today’s Tamil cinema that is all about male directors dismantling and dissecting the male psyche, far more fascinating as a sociological document (if not a full-fledged film).

PS: Yes, she was the heroine of Ilayaraja’s first film as music director.

PPS: But it is with this extraordinary creation from MSV that I bid her farewell.