Early word…

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Very kind early words about the book from Jai Arjun Singh, aka Jabberwock, here:

“…it holds up extremely well in comparison with the two best conversations-with-directors books I have read: Bogdanovich on Orson Welles and Truffaut-Hitchcock… [Baradwaj has] achieved something very special here: he has got Mani Ratnam to open up about a lot of things, moderated a series of fascinating conversations… and most tricky of all, he has structured those sessions in such a way that a reader gets a sense of drama as well as chronology.”

11 thoughts on “Early word…

  1. Have added a new menu for the book in the sidebar, where I’ll list links to news items/reviews etc. as they appear. Penguin hasn’t announced a release date yet.


  2. High praise indeed – will look out for the book. However, I’d love to buy a collection of your best writing on films – perhaps a selection of your best reviews (The Good, The Bad and The Ugly?) with some essays. As another fan of your writing, it would be a treat.


  3. BR, I hope you intend to write a short piece, at least here, on the making of the book itself. How it came about, the whole experience of interacting with him and so on..


  4. Hi Baradwaj,

    Congratulations on the book! Will it be available to purchase online or for delivery to the US? I’d love to read it.


  5. vijay: I think that’s there in the intro. Anyway, maybe later…

    KK: I have really no idea. It’s all up to the publishers. But will put up information as and when I get to know…


  6. Rangan Saar, glad to see this. :) I didn’t expect that, a comment that I wrote the other day in :Raja Genre..” would come into fruition so soon. Looks like you always had this plan in you only to unleash it in right time. My best wishes!


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