33 thoughts on “The final cover…

  1. aha, got loaded, wonderful cover, looking forward to the release , please release it soon sir, atleast tell when it will be up for pre-order on Flipkart, I already feel like a Rajinikanth fan buying tickets for “Enthiran” :)


  2. Ille…doesn’t work. looks too …coffee table booky. This is a great cover if you were doing a picture book of mani films with a little bit of writing, it looks too much like a mass marketed ” How I built the atom bomb” by APJ Abdul Kalam to be taken seriously.

    The old cover was better.


  3. thought the other one had more soul. this seems more ‘personality’ based. reminds me of the walter isaacson steve jobs cover. ah well, the vagaries of the publishing world (and the ones who think they know best)


  4. Boss, I agree with some of the comments here, the previous cover was better. Or maybe keep that as the back cover and this on front ? Or is your mug on the back cover ? In which case nothing can be done :D


  5. abe: “ah well, the vagaries of the publishing world (and the ones who think they know best)” — that’s exactly it. People seem to think that I can somehow have whatever cover I want, but this is all done by the heads of design and marketing. They know what cover will work best on bookstore displays and stuff, and the writer’s job is long done by the time this stage arrives.


  6. BR: Admittedly , a writer’s job is all done by this stage but get the Head of Design/Marketing of the Publishing House on the phone and tell him that he is an idiot.


  7. The other cover was Classic. Any film buff would want to buy it. The design was great. Mani Ratnam on the Marquee in Bold letters. The W in Baradwaj Rangan was characteristic and really stood out because of the Serif.
    Maybe, the new cover is less esoteric and panders to a wider audience than only film geeks. But, hey if this makes the buyers of Still Reading Khan want to purchase the book, who’s complaining ? ;)


  8. Mambazha Manidhan: I think you’re right — that must be the logic. The difference is between appealing to film buffs (who can instantly connect that still to “Nayakan”) and a more general audience. Selfishly speaking, I liked my name in the black band in the middle. Simple. Straightforward. Like the book. Looking at it, I’d say it pointed towards the no-nonsense approach to the subject inside. But I guess this is more arty/pretty, and a lot of people have told me how “classy” and “elegant” this one is.


  9. As an aside, I have received numerous queries about the cost of the book (which, of course, is decided by Penguin). All I can think of is that it isn’t that much. It’s roughly how much you’d pay for a pizza order or a meal at a halfway-decent restaurant. And it isn’t that these people are students or anything. They are working folks. Plus, the online stores do offer discounts. Do we become more conscious of cost wrt certain things over others? Just wondering….


  10. uread link says out of stock! flipkart wont allow us to order outside india.

    And Amazon shows $65?


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