Bitty Ruminations 70 – One lakh words

Posted on October 9, 2012


One lakh words. That sounds like so much, like stars in the night sky, an unending expanse of text. And yet, holding in hand a book just a little larger than a DVD makes it seem so small, like an astronomer used to looking at far-flung, three-dimensional galaxies through a telescope now contending with the images on his computer screen. All those late nights and early mornings of transcribing, writing, rewriting, editing, decision-making, text-shifting, all those emotions, those highs, those lows, those days when nothing and everything seemed to be going right, those arguments with the editor, those arguments with yourself — all that is now housed in a mere 328 pages, each one measuring 9 1/4 x 7 1/2 inches. This is not a complaint. A filmmaker, for instance, cannot complain about his vision, his work, his months of toil now residing on a microchip. That is how it is. But the beforehand awareness of this inevitability doesn’t really prepare you for such a profound sense of diminishment of your efforts. Happy reading.

PS: Note to self: Lighten up!

PPS: No, really!