image The launch


  1. All the best for the launch. Its going to be a steller launch with the book already getting awesome reviews. Please make a video of the entire launch program and upload it on YouTube for those like me who can’t make it for the launch.


  2. Bravo. I am halfway through the book. It is sweet nostalgia for me to re-live the films and the songs. I am one of the ‘generation’ identified by you who adopted Mani as their own. Along the way the magic has dissipated, as it always will. So a big thank you for rekindling my love affair with Mani’s movies.


  3. Good Luck Sir ! I already bought the book and even finished it :) Can i get Mani sir autograph if I bring the book ? ;-)


  4. I’m done reading halfway through the book and I have to say that it is brilliant. I’m glad you kept it in this format, made the conversations more natural, more engaging. Loved the part when Mani talks about his troubles with the Censor Board. I don’t think I can watch a Mani Ratnam movie without thinking about these conversations!!


  5. Aneek: After a whole bunch of rapturous reviews from all leading mags and newspapers, one less-than-enthused review has got to be par for the course :-) But was a little surprised that he found that I took a backseat. Hmmm…

    Vikram: I have a reading in Bangalore on Dec 23. Will put up details once things are confirmed.


  6. BR , i thought that part where Mani Ratnam called you out for finding some abstract meaning where none existed not once but a few times,in his movies,absolutely hilarious.sometimes i found the same thing in your reviews,but somehow cajoled myself into believing,”heck ,i missed it”.now that Mani Ratnam mentioned the same i figure i wasnt that wrong on a few counts.i m so buying the book now.
    having said that,i gotta tell you i enjoyed reading those more than anything,because that shows you bring in to your reviews the same kind of passion that a good scriptwriter or an auteur brings while conceptualising each and every touch in their movies.somehow i miss this thing in your reviews lately.why dont you review a lil bit of world cinema also?it leaves the field ripe for interpretations.just throw in a bit of world cinema into the mix once in a while.Or that section where you used to describe meticulously and interpret a particular scene in a classic foreign movie.?


  7. vikram: Here goes –

    A reading/launch of “Conversations with Mani Ratnam” — 23rd December, Sunday 6:00PM. In conversation with Arul Mani.

    This is a free event. Please call the bookstore at 3018 1626 / 96325 10126 to book your seats. Venue: Atta Galatta, 3002 Sobha Dahlia, Sarjapur Outer Ring Road, Bangalore, Karnataka 560103.


  8. vikram: Please note the correct address for the Bangalore event this Sunday – The venue (Atta Galatta) is at -75, 2nd Main, 1st Block, Koramangala, Bangalore 95.


  9. vikram: Were you the guy in the front row at the launch? He came up after the discussion to get the book signed and said his name was Vikram, and I didn’t make the connection then. If that was you, well, nice to have met you :-)


  10. puntonpiper: I got one set that Arijit kindly sent across. Will load them soon. Just got to a computer after almost two days of non-access in Cal and Durgapur, hence the delay.


  11. Brangan, I found this in Hindu archives:

    Among directors it is Mani Ratnam.

    “In fact, he participated in the 100th day function of Gopala Gopala. He said his first three films did not work out satisfactorily. At that time, a producer approached him to do a movie. He asked the producer whether he was aware that his films were flops and whether he had seen the movies. The answer was a big `no’. Why then did the producer insist on him doing the film, he asked.

    The producer told him that it was Pandiarajan who asked him to book Mani Ratnam as director and seek his dates. Mani Ratnam narrated this in the presence of my guru K. Bhagyaraj, Vairamuthu and others. I was literally moved to tears. He is a world-renowned director and his words still ring in my ears.”

    I don’t remember this story being captured in the book (was it edited out for some reason?). Or am I missing something?


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