Bitty Ruminations 74 – Breathe!

Posted on February 4, 2013


Time for a “Note to Self.”

The people who like what you write, the way you write, the people who understand where you come from, they’ll always read you. That’s not surprising, and the response to that can only be profound gratitude.

But when people who don’t care for what you write or the way you write, and who have nothing but contempt for what you do — when these people cannot stop talking about you, mentioning you in tweets and blog posts, barraging your comments space with comments and opinions knowing full well they are not going to be let through… That’s when you know you’ve really arrived.

When you apparently cannot be ignored even by those who cannot stand you, oh baby, the response to that can only be “I’m so flattered. Thanks for all the free publicity.”

PS: Keep your sights on the high road. And breathe.

PPS: And remember this story of Mullah Nasruddin.