Bitty Ruminations 76 – World Book Day

Posted on March 7, 2013


So this morning, I get a fit, and it is brought on — I think — by my nearing the close of the book I am reading. As pleasurable as it is to notch up another scalp, the bibliophile’s answer to compulsive womanising, something happens when there are fewer and fewer pages to be turned. A giant (and hopefully invisible) question mark begins to hover over the head: What next? Fiction? If so, what? Something new? Something I’ve been dying to re-read? And for answers, I look towards the bookshelf, which even the most meticulous organising cannot really organise any longer. And after about fifteen minutes of helpless staring, I make up my mind. This just will not do. I have to separate the books I haven’t yet read (along with some I want to read again at some point) — and this makes me go through shelf after shelf, a rag in hand to wipe away not just the dust behind and above books, that rises in a fine-talcum cloud when I quickly fan through the pages, but on the borders of the covers of the bigger books over which smaller books have rested. Who says readers don’t get enough exercise? And this goes on till a second bookshelf becomes necessary. That will be the bookshelf I stare at in the future, the next time that giant (and hopefully invisible) question mark begins to hover over my head. And till I run through that pile, no more Flipkarting. And someone behind whispers, “Famous last words.”

PS: And guess what? Today turns out to be World Book Day in some parts of the world. Talk about cosmic coincidences…

PPS: I must admit I am a bit freaked out.