“Ya Yaa”… Comic con

Posted on September 21, 2013


Another weekend. Another set of happily unemployed youths. Another two-hour-plus comedy with only about fifteen minutes capable of making you laugh (say, the un-PC joke about how someone almost went blind after watching a woman bathe). This time, it’s about Ramarajan (Shiva) and Rajkiran (Santhanam), who prefer to call themselves Dhoni and Sehwag. (If you ask the director, I Rajsekaran, why, he’d probably reply… Why not!) They’re enemies at first, but they become friends because, well, there’s no one to watch when they fight. And then they become enemies again. Or something. The trouble with Ya Yaa is that it isn’t even much of a comedy – its rhythms are those of drama. Why set out to make a comedy with such plot points as the betrayal by the friend and the split between hero and heroine, followed by the inevitably sad song? Why go for a “realistic” story in the first place? If gags are all you’re after, why not go all-out absurd like The Naked Gun movies?  Something to think about until next week, the next “comedy”…

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