“Mickey Virus”… Saying it with passwords

Posted on October 26, 2013


The best cybercrime films play on our paranoia of a world in which our net-bound lives are constantly in peril. Any kid with talent can hack in and walk away with our secrets, our money, our very existence. The stakes can’t get higher. And Hollywood does this sort of thriller eyes closed – because all you need, really, is jangling music, an editor who can cut up the images in sync, an imaginative action choreographer, and finally, a plot that, even if it doesn’t bear close scrutiny, keeps pulling the rug from under our feet. The trick is to convey a sense of breathlessness, and Saurabh Varma’s Mickey Virus manages this only in spurts. A lot of the first half is frittered away in a conventional romance (between Elli Avram and Manish Paul, the protagonist who’s the “hacking ki duniya ka Sehwag”). Maybe these stories should steer clear from song-and-dance mush. Or maybe, one day, a filmmaker will show how these stories can be made with all the must-haves of commercial cinema and still be nail-biting. The second half is slightly better – the film surprised me with the death of a major character. Thereon, we have twists and turns, though none more astonishing than the hero setting eyes on the Maxim-cover-worthy heroine while she’s shopping for tomatoes in a vegetable market. Then again, as I said, these plots don’t bear close scrutiny…

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