“What the F!$#”… Home movie

Posted on December 14, 2013


In What the F!$#, Dimple Kapadia plays Sudha Mishra, a crotchety upper-class woman, and at the beginning of the film, she just cannot stop complaining – about the roads, about the cab driver who’s taking her home from the airport, and about the man outside her home who’s just begun to relieve himself. Brandishing a knife, she advances towards him and says, “Andar daal.” I thought, then, that this would be her story, the kind of blossoming-of-a-lonely-woman-of-a-certain-age comedy we get, sometimes, from Hollywood. But she’s merely part of an ensemble. The film is about the misadventures of various people who camp out at Sudha’s house when she’s away, and the joke is that the ensuing happenings – a party, a private drag performance, premarital sex, free-for-all boxing matches – would never be approved by her. (She keeps glowering from a picture on the wall.) The director, Gurmmeet Singh, rounds up able actors – Deepti Pujari, as a naïf from Saharanpur, is quite good – but they’re let down by a series of sketches that must have sounded good on paper but fall flat on screen. Maybe on television…

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