“Aindhaam Thalaimurai Sidha Vaidhiya Sigamani”… Dr. No-no

Posted on August 23, 2014


Spoilers ahead…

No review of Aindhaam Thalaimurai Sidha Vaidhiya Sigamani can begin without acknowledging that title, which seems to have been devised solely as a means to rag students from Mumbai and Delhi who’ve just stepped into a Chennai college. “Pronounce this without pausing.” They’re done for. The film, on the other hand, seems to have been devised as a hazing session for the audience. “Try sitting through this without looking at your watch every five minutes.”

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The story is something that appears to have been scraped up from the reject pile of K Bhagyaraj’s scripts, circa the 1980s. An unschooled youth (Sigamani, played by Bharath) dreams of marrying an educated woman (Nandita) and pretends to be an MBBS-wielding doctor – he’s really a naturopath, which, in the director LG Ravichandhran’s eyes, is a lesser accomplishment. The sticky situations Sigamani finds himself in should have been a riot, but the laughs are few – a joke about a half-boiled egg and an omelette tickled my inner six-year-old – and we are thrown at the mercy of melodramatic plot elements (villains, infidelity) that quickly become a drag. A Gaana Bala lyric seems to sum it up best: panamarathula vavvaalu, maattikitta ambelu


* Aindhaam Thalaimurai Sidha Vaidhiya Sigamani = the fifth generation naturopath
* K Bhagyaraj’s scripts = see here
* panamarathula vavvaalu, maattikitta ambelu = On the palm tree hangs a bat / If you’re caught… drat!

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