Bitty Ruminations 79 – Search terms

Posted on January 7, 2015


Part of the fun in maintaining a blog is glancing, occasionally, at the search terms that led to said blog. By now, I am used to the fact that not everyone is going to land up here using search phrases like “hail the great awesome genius Baradwaj Rangan” — I get that.

I get that someone is going to come here using this: “is jai married in raja rani movie” or “sex love and revolution of jodha akbar” — the heart’s cockles are immensely heartened when I see people taking an active interest in movies, even if they seem actively interested in only one thing.

Don’t believe me? Then how come I get visitors curious about “www.nattu katta naked hip” and “father sex with his daughter when she’s mother absences hot scene from tami movie”?

About the latter, I mean, I think I see pretty much every Tamil movie out there, and I’ve never come across the remotest instance of a plot that might permit father sex with his daughter when mother absences. Also, I genuinely hope that it’s the “movie” part of the phrase that led to my site and not the other part, the implications of which are too disturbing to think about in this nascent year.

But even more troubling is this search phrase: “pk movie raat ka gunah and garam bistar”.

pk is possibly the sweetest of films, those dancing cars notwithstanding. You have to marvel at the inventiveness of the truly dirty mind, which senses smut everywhere.

PS: Yes, yes, I realise that by publishing this post, I am, in effect, letting the search algorithms know that this blog contains phrases like “naked hip women,” and that future seekers of naked hip women are, again, going to land up here. But hey, I need my morning jollies, okay?

PPS: Just making sure that there’s at least one Bitty Ruminations in 2015.