Comments? Or bulletin board?

Posted on April 27, 2015


After going through the comments under the “O Kadhal Kanmani review,” a reader wrote in via email that not many people read the comments section and therefore it might be useful to… I’ll let you read for yourself. Any thoughts?

Just read the comments to your befitting review of OK Kanmani. What wonderful conversations. Lot’s more drama than the movie! Great read. Made my day!

Is there any way, you can pull this all out of your comments thread and make it like a user-friendly bulletin board? There are plenty of free online tools that make it possible. I think there’s a need for (BTW, it’s available). Think about it. Your adda is way too cool.

I asked him:

Thanks. But how would that be different? Even now, whoever wants to join in can do so in the comments space, right?

And he replied:

It looks the same. But will be different. The difference is currently no one has a clue that such a vibrant adda exists. It’s all buried. I know a lot of people who read your reviews and go away. They don’t bother to click the comments section.

As I said, any thoughts?

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