Crowd funding inititative for Orson Welles’ last film

Posted on May 8, 2015


Got this via email. Now go do your good deed for the day.

Hi Mr. Rangan,

Without mincing words, I am writing this mail to you to seek the help of your name. A crowd funding Inititative has been started to finance the completion of Orson Welles’ last film “The Other Side Of the Wind”, his most ambitious project. I’ve spent 9 years of my life waiting for this to happen. If you can share this page on your blog, it’d be great as you have a big readership.

Also, if it isn’t asking too much, can you forward it to people you know (fellow critics, contacts in the industry etc..)? I am being so direct because there isn’t a lot of time left for this. I am trying to do my best by spreading the word. Thanks a lot in advance.

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