“Wedding Pullav”… Stale doesn’t begin to describe it

Posted on October 20, 2015


Spoilers ahead…

The most interesting aspect of Wedding Pullav is that it’s been directed by the great cinematographer Binod Pradhan, who has done stellar work with Rakeysh Mehra and Vidhu Vinod Chopra. I still remember watching 1942: A Love Story on a massive 70-mm screen. It was the beginning of the song Pyar hua chupke se. Manisha Koirala is at the bottom of the screen, running towards the hills, which extend all the way to infinity. And on top, the sun bursts through brown clouds – God’s own klieg light. My companion and I gasped audibly, in unison. This isn’t empty nostalgia. This is about the kind of time and energy it must have taken to get the light just right, just for those few seconds of film – and then doing this over and over through that film, and other films. How does such a perfectionist reconcile himself with going through the motions in Wedding Pullav? The film is so bland, it could have been directed by Baby Guddu – it would have made no difference.

Though, seen one way, Wedding Pullav isn’t actually a film. It seems to be more of an educational video put together for future generations to get an idea of the ingredients in the rom-coms of our time. And so you have the grandmother with a saucy tongue, the young man desperate to lose his virginity, the loud Punjabi father, the divorced parents who just need a nudge to know they still carry a torch for each other. Rishi Kapoor shows up as the manager of a hotel who knows just when to dispense words of wisdom.  The first time he appears, we hear a snatch from the Saagar background score. That film was released in 1985, thirty years ago. Someone thought that that touch would please the kids who are the target audience for this film? There’s an antakshari scene. A karwa chauth scene. A scene where the hero (Diganth Manchale) dances to an RD Burman oldie (Gulaabi aankhen, if you must know). We even have the scene where the hero looks at the formerly tomboyish heroine in a dress and realises she’s a… woman.

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She’s also the producer’s daughter, Anushka Ranjan. I don’t have a problem with rich parents forking out a few crores to help a child with starry ambitions . Heck, I’d be a much happier man today had my father bought me an island. But I do object to recycling the plot of My Best Friend’s Wedding, which has already been remade in Hindi, as Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai, at a time Bollywood bigwigs still thought we’d buy tickets to see Uday Chopra. Hero falls in love. Heroine falls in love. They’re happy for each other… until they realise they’re in love with each other. It’s a long slog to the end. I’ve seen toothpaste commercials with more verve.


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