“Sawaari”… A tragically bumpy ride

Posted on March 19, 2016


Spoilers ahead…

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The beginning shows promise. Three guys. One car. And a palette drained of colour but for the red end of the spectrum – everything in black and white except the glowing end of a cigarette, the tail lights on a car. The guys take in a hitchhiker. Shots are heard. And Sawaari takes off. But it’s a tragically bumpy ride. (The cast  includes Benito Franklin, Karthik Yogi, Mathivanan Rajendran, TM Karthik, Kavithalaya Krishnan.) The director Guhan Senniappan has many balls in the air – a cop getting married, his underlings rifling through a psycho-killer’s house, a 1990 Contessa that needs to be delivered to a superstitious MLA, tree smugglers, a psychiatrist on a radio show droning on about what makes a serial killer – and the constant cutting between scenes deflates any possibility of tension. Though I doubt heart-rattling tension was one of Senniappan’s goals. The film wants to conflate the comic noir (there’s one good laugh about the spelling of “psycho”)  with the psycho-killer road movie. Nothing sticks, and the overall (dead) air is that of an ambitious student film.


  • palette drained of colour but for the red end of the spectrum = see here

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