Bitty Ruminations 81 – Writing

Posted on April 15, 2016


After all these years, it’s amazing how much of a knot in the stomach there still is when you sit down to write something. You know vaguely what you’re going to write about, but you also know that there are going to be false starts, stumbles. Maybe the third paragraph is when you really get the confidence that, yes, this is working. That’s when the knot starts un-knotting, your bad mood starts turning good. That point when the vague uneasiness begins to evaporate is the best part of writing. You may not be home yet, but at least you know you know the way.

PS: Put this up on FB a while ago, which, these days, has become my go-to place for… bitty ruminations.

PPS: Also, after the video-review debut, I guess I wanted to remind myself I’m primarily a writer, which takes me to… Bitty Ruminations 82.