Readers Write In #4: Is it really that short a route from Kodambakkam to Nungambakkam?

Posted on July 3, 2016


Following the grisly Swathi/Ramkumar case, just wanted to open a discussion about Tamil cinema’s depiction of stalking and the actions of this particular deranged individual. One part of me says that there are millions who watch these films and a mere handful who are inspired to do these things, so the problem lies not with the film but with the individual, who clearly needs psychiatric intervention. Besides, where do you draw the line? If we were to abolish every behaviour that’s potentially dangerous, then we can only have mythological tales, and even there, some nutcase could take Ravana’s actions to heart and kidnap the object of his desire.

And yet, this case and its chilling similarity to the movies does raise this question: Is it really that short a route from Kodambakkam to Nungambakkam?

Also, got this mail from a reader:

hey man,

this is hanzo, a regular reader of your blog… please open discussion about the chennai murder issue that has happened recently.

do you remember? you once wrote that all these filmmakers from rural tamilnadu come to chennai and make movies where people in the city are evil whereas all the rural migrants are innocent/easily manipulated/exploited people. I think it is with reference to movies like “Vazhakku Enn 18/9” … I dont remember exactly… But you were along the lines like – quality movies allright, but very one-sided.

but if you see the latest murder… it seems the guy ramkumar came to the chennai city only 3 months back. In this gap he has loved a girl and even murdered her for not loving her back… wonder if a movie will be made on this?

please open a discussion on this if you can… want to read your views…

Do chip in with your thoughts.