The Amateur’s Art #3 – “Uruvagam” (Tamil)

Posted on August 30, 2016


See here for what this series is about.

This short is by Harish Sampath. Here is a note from the filmmaker:

Making a short film is a very enjoyable as well as a tedious process, but when you make your first short film the enjoyable factor somehow disappears, Getting the right team was the biggest challenge, social media helped me a lot in this, I never knew anyone from the cast and crew before, I found them all through social media.
Budget is another big constraint, My whole team contributed to the budget so it was relatively easier.
The idea for the short film came after I watched  the film “Shutter island”, I had to make N number of changes in the script to make it feasible for us to make, the actual script I wrote was very different from the film what it is now.
Getting the equipments is the real challenge, with our budget, we were able to get only the basic equipments, If you can find a cameraman who can  adjust with all these constraints and still give you decent frames, you can somehow complete the film.
Amidst these constraints, The passion for making films will eventually turn the tedious process to an enjoyable one and one day we will somehow turn from amateurs to pros.