“Kavalai Vendam”… An awful mix of gross-out gags and romance

Posted on November 25, 2016


Spoilers ahead…

Another week. Another story about a local boy and a so-way-out-of-his-league-she-may-as-well-be-Scarlett Johansson girl. Except, the director Deekay is ambitious. In these films, we usually get just the loosu ponnu. Kavalai Vendam gives us a loosu paiyan, a loosu amma, a loosu appa, a couple of loosu friends… The film is this year’s Raja Rani. With a healthy interest in bodily functions. Can gross-out gags from the Farrelly Brothers’ oeuvre and The Bridesmaids work in Tamil? Kavalai Vendam may be the only rom-com (their description, not mine) in which an entire sequence is set around the hero’s pal (RJ Balaji) wanting to evacuate his bowels in a police station. Well, shit happens. We got this movie, no?

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Early on, there’s a sliver of promise. We learn Divya (Kajal Agarwal) is separated from Aravind (Jiiva) and is going to marry another man (Bobby Simha). We learn that Aravind (Jiiva) has issues of his own: his mother ran away when he was a child. But Deekay isn’t after drama. He wants laughs, the kind where Aravind’s junk gets stuck in his zipper (he likes to air it out) and Divya helps him through this testy time. He wants romance, the kind where Divya kisses Aravind simply because he bought her son papdi in a paper cone, like you’d get from vendors at the beach. This is Tamil cinema. Son papdi gets you a kiss from Kajal Agarwal. In real life, it gets you diarrhoea.


  • kavalai vendam = No worries
  • loosu = nuts

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