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Posted on February 24, 2017


So we got a press release (reproduced below) for the latest episode of Koffee with Karan (to be telecast this Sunday), and guess which film critic’s name popped up!!! I hope they don’t delete this bit at the last minute, but even if they do, it was fun just reading this.

Koffee with Karan

Renowned directors, Zoya Akhtar, Imtiaz Ali and Kabir Khan join Karan Johar for a masterclass on filmmaking in the Director’s Special episode this Sunday

They say that film stars are made because of the vision of their directors. While Bollywood’s biggest stars are often lauded for their acting prowess, their success would be incomplete without the contribution of talented directors known for their magical storytelling. Paying ode to his peers, Karan Johar brings not one but three illustrious directors to the Koffee couch!The Director’s Special episode, which will air this Sunday on Star World and Star World HD at 9 PM, will feature our generation’s biggest and most creative directors, Zoya Akhtar, Imtiaz Ali and Kabir Khan who will also be making his Koffee debut.

The three, who share a good rapport with Karan, will be seen baring their hearts and minds on all things filmmaking as they reveal the good, bad and ugly in Bollywood. Talking about everything that happens behind the camera from the frantic hunt for a producer to the chase for the perfect actor to sometimes putting up with ludicrous demands, Zoya and Kabir relive their initial days of struggle in the film industry.

But with Karan steering the direction of the conversation, it is not all work talk with the trio.From talking about their careers, the film industry and all other things in between, Zoya, Imitiaz and Kabir join Karan for a highly entertaining and interesting episode where they discuss success and failure and reveal what it really takes to be a filmmaker today!

While we cannot wait to catch these acclaimed directors on the show and learn the nuances of filmmaking from them, here are some sneak peeks from the episode to keep you going till 9 PMon Sunday.

When The Review Actually Matters!

While fans and movie critics have their piece to say about Bollywood movies, like any art, their opinions are subjective and directors often take them with a pinch of salt. However, there are few acclaimed professional film critics, whose views, opinions and feedback are taken very seriouslyby directors. In Karan and Zoya’s opinion, there is one critic who ranks high for his honest feedback and ability to often understand the vision of the directors. Wondering who? It is none other than award winning film critic from The Hindu, RanganBaradwaj! Zoya even elaborates that he once accurately pointed out her tendency to script Hindi dialogues by literally translating them from English

Koffee Promo

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KJo: Welcome to the director’s special

KJo: You’ve been the queen of rejection. You’ve taken your films to so many stars who’ve not done it.

Zoya: I mean, I’ve had an actor telling me he wants to do the actress’ part

Kabir: (Laughs)

KJo: How has your interaction been, Kabir?

Kabir: With me it was more of a struggle to get the producer

KJo: Best Director Zoya?

Zoya: Ram Madhvani

KJo: Kabir?

Kabir: Same, Ram Madhvani

Imtiaz: You

KJo: Thank God!

Koffee Tease

Link:   https://www.facebook.com/StarWorldIndia/videos/10154878889891745/

Kabir: With me it was more of a struggle to get the producer

KJo: Oh

Kabir: Because I was a documentary film-maker which was bit of a bad word, so my friends used to say, ‘Batananahi documentary…’ you know it was like the D word

KJo: Zoya, what do you think Farhan Akhtar is more popular for?

Zoya: I would say his looks

KJo: Ok

Zoya: His film-making, he’ll kill me, he’ll kill me

KJo: Your kind of Director? Say yes, no or may be

KJo: Kabir, AnuragKashyup?

Kabir: Yes

KJo: Imtiaz, Karan Johar?

Imtiaz: No

KJo: Oh good (laughs)

KJo: Translate the following Urdu words, Izhaar?

Kabir&Imtiaz: Express

KJo: What does..(looks at Zoya) if you know the meaning?

Zoya: My father is going to disown me

KJo: Muktalif?

Kabir: Different

KJo: Welcome daughter of Javed Akhtar…ahhhh (Laughs)

KJo: Name three films in which SRK’s name is Rahul?



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