“Yaakkai”… What should have been a crackling murder investigation gets upstaged by an inane love story

Posted on March 3, 2017


Spoilers ahead…

Yaakkai (Body) begins intriguingly. Night. A terrace. The mood is lurid: the scene is bathed in neon-bright red and green. There’s a car, but we don’t see anyone around. Soon, it begins to pour. The thunder sounds like gunshots, like a prelude to violence – and then, the actual violence happens. A man steps out of the car (we don’t see his face) and fixes it so that the vehicle (with the victim in the passenger seat) takes a plunge. The next scene, Prakash Raj turns up as the cop on the case, popping pills for his diabetes. A little later, the victim’s son (Guru Somasundaram) lands up from the US, gargling words in his mouth to effect an American accent. Everything seems to be in place for a crackling murder investigation.

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