“Alamara”… A comedy about the great Indian family is charming for a bit, then gets tediously dramatic

Posted on March 22, 2017


Spoilers ahead…

It’s tempting, sometimes, to zoom in on one scene as the nutshell of a movie, and that scene, for me, came at the beginning of Alamara (cupboard), directed by Midhun Manuel Thomas. Arun (Sunny Wayne) is going to get married to the 47th girl he’s been set up with. This alliance seems to have clicked – hence the single-file train of cars en route to the wedding location, cars filled with Arun’s friends and family. Suddenly, a relative gets a call. This bride isn’t to be either. She’s eloped. The man who took the call takes it upon himself to deliver this news to the people in the cars behind him, all of which have, by now, come to a halt. He sprints to the first car and says, “The bride has run away.” He runs to the second, does the same. Down the line, he reaches a car that, unlike the others, has just one man in it, the man driving. Upon hearing the news, the man shrugs and says, “What should I do?”

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