“Kadugu”… A drama about a folk artist has interesting ideas that are lost in the execution

Posted on March 24, 2017


Spoilers ahead…

There’s a nice bit of technical showboating in the first scene of Kadugu (Mustard), where the filmmaker Balaji Sakthivel plays… a filmmaker. His latest project is about alcohol addiction. The Sakthivel character is talking to his assistant, who leaves, and enters the wardrobe van, and exits the wardrobe van, and meets Pandi (Rajakumaran), a folk artist who specialises in dancing like a tiger (there is no equivalent English word for “puli vesham,” is there?), and the assistant gives Pandi a part, and Pandi spreads a sheet on the ground beneath a tree and hangs a mirror on a knobbly outgrowth on the trunk and begins to get ready. It’s one unbroken shot, and it keeps going.

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