“Katamarayudu”… Pawan Kalyan anchors a masala movie where he might know how to speak “bird language”

Posted on March 30, 2017


Spoilers ahead…

In the first scene of Kishore Kumar Pardasani’s Katamarayudu, named after the character played by ‘Power Star’ Pawan Kalyan, we see four cars speeding through rugged Rayalaseema terrain. Suddenly, the shot is inverted. The sky is at the bottom of the screen, the speeding cars on top. You’re probably wondering “Why?” But hardened masala-movie watchers will simply go, “Why not!”

The people in those cars land up at Katamarayudu’s (Pawan Kalyan) house, where a camera is positioned at floor level just so it can shoot the hero’s feet as he makes his appearance. Slowly, other parts of him come into view, and he demonstrates his heroism by (1) calming a bull (by stroking its head), and (2) sending SUVs flying (by bringing his foot hard on the ground).

This is why you and I aren’t masala-movie heroes.

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