“Dora”… A surprisingly well-written (and emotionally solid) horror film whose heroine kicks real ass

Posted on March 31, 2017


Spoilers ahead…

The trailer of Doss Ramasamy’s Dora brought to mind the Stephen King haunted-car story, Christine, which became a John Carpenter movie. But what we have here is the acknowledgement of an entirely different kind of superpower: the heroine’s.

Nayanthara gets the kind of “glorifying” dialogue usually delivered by the hero’s sidekick to keep the hero’s fans whistling. Her father, Vairakannu (Thambi Ramaiah), says there’s no one like her in south India. And isn’t that true? Which other actress today is capable of getting the trade excited about a film that has her as the protagonist, with no leading man? At this point in her career, Nayanthara is putting the “hero” in “heroine”.

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