“1971: Beyond Borders”… A war movie that needed better action, fewer lectures and clichés

Posted on April 10, 2017


Spoilers ahead…

The latest instalment in Major Ravi’s series following the exploits of army-man Mahadevan – played by Mohanlal, who’s sometimes a Colonel, sometimes a Major – begins with an action sequence in Georgia. Mahadevan, now part of the UN peacekeeping force, saves a Pakistani soldier’s life – and guess what! This soldier’s father once fought Mahadevan’s father, Sahadevan (Mohanlal again, in old-age makeup). The story – around events during the 1971 war that resulted in the formation of Bangladesh – unfolds as Sahadevan’s memory, which makes us wonder why that initial scene with Mahadevan was needed. After all, when Mahadevan plays no further part in the rest of the film, why waste time on a scene with him at the beginning?

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