“Sakhavu”… An idealistic, even simplistic political drama that nonetheless warms the heart

Posted on April 18, 2017


Spoilers ahead…

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The nutshell version of Sidhartha Siva’s Sakhavu (Comrade) brings to mind Oru Mexican Aparatha, released barely a month ago. Both films are about Communism – more specifically, the before/after arc of a happy-go-lucky youth. And both films feature their leading man (Tovino Thomas there; Nivin Pauly here) in a double role. But this is a more sober affair, with less flash – and its earnestness is at once naive and touching. There’s something to be said about a director’s conviction that viewers will fork out multiplex rates for tickets and popcorn to watch a film about the poor and the downtrodden.

Sakhavu – beautifully shot in warm hues, by George C Williams – begins with Krishnakumar (Nivin Pauly) storming out of his house because he found a strand of hair in his food. The spoilt-child behaviour only increases. He’s the Joint Secretary of the SFK, and he dreams of a district-level post – but he seeks shortcuts. Even what people call him is a shortcut: Kichu.

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