Law and disorder

Posted on April 20, 2017


A deep dive into moments from the 2010 Telugu political drama ‘Leader’, where an idealist becomes Chief Minister and sets out to eliminate corruption.

I have a thing for idealistic dramas in which a newbie-politician changes the corrupt System. Shankar’s Mudhalvan (Tamil; Nayak in Hindi) is one. Sekhar Kammula’s Leader is another. The former (which stars Arjun) is the better film, a better amalgamation of masala elements. But the latter (whose protagonist is named Arjun) is startlingly single-minded for a mainstream movie. It begins with the Michael Corleone-like arc of a son taking over his father’s (political) empire and becoming Chief Minister. Only, he realises that he cannot deal with the political mafia without becoming something of a gunslinger himself.

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