“Nagarvalam”… Yet another riff on the “Kadhal” template, with lukewarm results

Posted on April 22, 2017


Spoilers ahead…

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Early on in Nagarvalam (Around the City), written and directed by Marxx, the hero’s friend (Balasaravanan) makes this comment about a neighbourhood: “Saayam pona undraayar maadhiri irukku.” (It looks like a faded undie.) You will not find these neighbourhoods in Hindi cinema. These people either. The hero (Kumar, played by Yuthan Balaji) drives a water lorry. Pasupathy makes an appearance in a song, where he bemoans the loss of “Andha kaala Chennai,” the Madras of long-ago. He refers to people like him being pushed further towards the city’s margins.

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