5 Filmmaking Tropes of Bala

Posted on April 24, 2017


We’re beginning a new column in Film Companion, on important Tamil filmmakers. The author is Ram Chander, who comments on this blog. The first installment is about Bala.

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During a rare television interview, while Bala shifted in his seat, the interviewer noticed some strange beads around his neck. “It was given to me by an aghori from Kasi,” explained Bala. “They’re people who eat dead bodies. But isn’t there an artist inside everyone? He eats one person every other day, collects a small piece of bone from each carcass, shaves it patiently into the shape of a skull, and keeps it with him. Once he collected 108 such pieces, each from a different person, he strung it into a chain and gifted it to me.”

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