“Bongu”… A wannabe caper thriller that ends up quite dull

Posted on June 2, 2017


Spoilers ahead…

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Kollywood seems to have run out of star prefixes coined from various combinations of “Ilaya,” “Super,” “Ultimate,” “Power,” and so forth. Natarajan ‘Natty’ Subramaniam’s title card in Bongu (Fraud), directed by Taj, refers to him as “Rare Piece.” It’s fun imagining scenarios where not-yet-stars start inventing nicks from their earlier films (Vijay Antony as ‘Screen Saithan’ anyone?), because you need something to occupy yourself with during this phenomenally dull caper movie, about a gang of thieves (good-hearted, naturally) targeting a big shot (Sharath Lohitashwa) with a Rolls Royce.

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