“Peechaankai”… A killer premise that should have resulted in a way-funnier film

Posted on June 15, 2017


Spoilers ahead…

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I seem to be seeing Bresson everywhere. A couple of weeks back, we had Oru Kidayin Karunai Manu, where the donkey from Au Hasard Balthazar appeared to have reincarnated as a goat in southern Tamil Nadu, and now we have Peechankai (Left Hand), a film about a pickpocket. But unlike Oru Kidayin, there’s no resemblance other than the protagonist’s (played by RS Karthik) chosen profession. The film is actually a cheerful Soodhu Kavvum-type mix: black comedy plus slapstick thriller plus a dozen other “quirky” genre elements, played out between a dozen “quirky” characters. The quotes are to illustrate the difference between the movie in the director’s head and the one on screen.

Early on, S Muthu (he’s the protagonist, and the initial is essential; it allows a play on the name, as people call him Smooth-u) returns a wallet that falls from a man’s pocket. Why would he not hold on to it? He does, after all, pick pockets for a living. Ah, but he didn’t pick this pocket. This wallet is not the fruit of hard labour. The man thanks him, walks away, and then S Muthu picks his pocket. Even a thief, apparently, lives by principles. Peechankai could have used more humour in this flavour, but this flavour of humour merely makes us smile while the director, Ashok, wants to make us laugh.

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