“Ivan Thanthiran”… An interesting premise where ‘mass’ elements come in the way of genre thrills

Posted on June 30, 2017


Spoilers ahead…

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As beginnings go, the one in Ivan Thanthiran (He’s a Wizard) isn’t without intrigue. Sakthi (Gautham Karthik) is being held captive – we don’t know his name yet – and drugs are being shoved up his nose. This narrative technique of parachuting the audience into the middle of a scene is increasingly being used. One reason is just the jolt we get from facing a hero-in-danger situation without knowing the what, the why – we’re meant to keep this scene in mind until we return to it. The other is that we know there’s at least something at stake as the screenplay takes the scenic route around the ‘mass’ elements meant to take tight genre pieces to all audiences.

Like the comedy by RJ Balaji, who plays Sakthi’s imaginatively named friend, Balaji. Consider the scene where the duo ends up in a police station, where Sakthi’s legendary tech skills are needed. As Sakthi goes about retrieving a lost computer file, Balaji and the other cops sit around blowing balloons – because you know, every police station just happens to be equipped with party decorations. Balaji asks a female cop how she’s so good at blowing [balloons]. She says she’s used to doing this at home. A knowing pause later, she explains: “For my kids.” The problem isn’t that the joke is anti-women. It’s anti-humour.

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