“Yaanum Theeyavan”… A thriller plot with potential is derailed by unfocused narration

Posted on June 30, 2017


Spoilers ahead…

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Walking out of Yaanum Theeyavan (I am a Villain Too), directed by Prashanth G Sekar, I was still unclear about the kind of movie I’d just seen. At first, it looks like a launch vehicle for newcomer Ashwin Jerome, who plays Michael. He strums his guitar during college culturals and sings a song that’s actually a proposal to Sowmya (Varsha Bollamma). They elope, get register-married with the help of friends, begin a life together far from their disapproving parents. So far, the film seems the love child of Mani Ratnam and Gautham Vasudev Menon — except for the animated bits where a cartoon heart jumps out of Michael’s shirt pocket to depict how much he loves her. I’m glad there wasn’t a sex scene, or there’s no telling what would have jumped out of his jeans pocket.

Then we get a gangster named Pasupathy (Raju Sundaram) — charmingly described as a “psychotic sadist bastard” — whose underlings suspend a cop from a terrace by means of a rope, just so that Pasupathy can come by, slice the rope, and dispatch the cop to his death. We wait for the paths of hero and villain to cross, and this happens fairly early, when Pasupathy’s men harass Michael and Sowmya, and Michael beats them up. Pasupathy is drunk, so all he can do is look at Michael driving away. He sees the license plate number. We expect a frantic search, an address retrieval, a mission of revenge worthy of a psychotic sadist bastard.

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