“Pandigai”… A smartly written, stylishly crafted heist thriller

Posted on July 13, 2017


Spoilers ahead…

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Pandigai, directed by Feroz, has a ton of pluses and two minuses: the heroine (Kavya, played by Anandhi), and the hero’s wisecracking best friend (Thirupathi, played by Black Pandi). Is it not time to let go of these “must-haves”, especially at a time we’re making proper genre films, with zombies and heists and sci-fi premises, which need a single-mindedness of vision and execution? Kavya asks Velu (Kreshna) to buy her a couple of bottles of strong beer – she’s heard it’s a good shampoo. Then, while showering, she swallows some beer, becomes tipsy… This belongs in a Hansika movie (though one would struggle to tell the pre-drunk portions from the post-drunk ones), not in something that’s part boxing drama, part heist thriller.

But the rest of Pandigai packs a wallop. The film begins with the down-on-his-luck Muni (Saravanan, who’s very good) discovering that Velu can really punch his way out of a brawl – so he convinces Velu to participate in underground fighting matches. This is the advantage of making a movie with a not-yet-star like Kreshna. It’s not just Velu’s story. It’s also Muni’s. Both need cash badly. They team up, and the filmmaking takes over. The fights are excitingly choreographed, presented in balletic slo-mo – the bloodletting is beautiful.

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