“Thiri”… A dull, talky, been-there-done-that action-drama

Posted on July 15, 2017


Spoilers ahead…

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Before the press show of Thiri (Wick), the director, Ashok Amritharaj, addressed the audience. He had that “I am a student of cinema” air. (“If you like the film, tell others. If not, tell me. And I’ll fix the mistakes in my next project.) Then, he spoke about the difficulties in releasing a film. How hard it is to find a date. How hard it is to find theatres. And even when you find theatres, they only give you the noon show, reserving the prime-time shows for bigger films. He said the theatre owners ask, “Who’s going to see this film, especially with the increased ticket rates post-GST?” I felt for him. I also understood what the theatre owners meant.

It’s hard to make a case for Thiri, whose protagonist, Jeeva (Ashwin Kakumanu), is one of those engineering students we’ve seen in a thousand earlier films. He takes on a corrupt politician. At the end, he says, “Padichavan kitta modhinaa enna nadakkum, paathiya?” (See what happens when you clash with a graduate?) To get to this line, you’d assume there has been some serious application of the skills one acquires through education – maybe Jeeva invents a drone that spies on the politician. But no. It’s the usual street smarts. You don’t need a degree to do what Jeeva does. You just need a screenwriter who’s watched a lot of Tamil cinema.

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