Readers Write In #21: Unexpected blessing

Posted on July 16, 2017


You are returning home at the end of another mundane day at work. Your idle mind is starting to play games with you. You suddenly catch yourself questioning the choices you have made in your life (“maybe I really should have done MS instead of MBA, maybe I should have avoided all the show boating with sky diving and saved that $300″ etc. etc.). Travelling with a sea of people in varying degrees of perspiration somehow adds to the irritation (“hell, I should have started an hour early from office, this is bloody suffocating”).

As a matter of habit you plug the ear phones on your mobile and tune the radio, a blaring “en uchi mandaila” is the last thing you want to hear. You mutter a curse under your breath and continue tuning, a few more pointless songs and empty RJ chat later, you perk up listening to what sound like a thousand violins singing in harmony. In the next few minutes you are transported to a different world, you don’t even recognize the instruments that are playing but you are now immersed in pure delight of blissful music. The crowd around you seems to have disappeared, it as if you have been left alone in a concert hall listening to this divine music.

Just as you reach your destination, the music stops. Only then you check which radio channel is this, its AIR FM 101.4 and the RJ tells you it’s a band from France playing Mozart’s compositions. Live western classical symphony at prime time on AIR? Who would have thunk? You smile a satisfying smile and thank god for that unexpected blessing.

This post was written by srini.