“Kootathil Oruthan”… An easy watch, but this drama is hardly as special as it thinks it is

Posted on July 29, 2017


Spoilers ahead…

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In TJ Gnanavel’s Kootathil Oruthan (An Average Man), Ashok Selvan plays Arvind, a middle son, a middle-bencher. He’s not smart enough to get a top rank, neither is he cool enough to be the class rebel, raising a middle finger to conformism. His father (Marimuthu) is one of those tyrants who, went you get 99 marks in a subject, asks, “Why not 100?” This sort of childhood is enough to scar one for life, but Arvind’s problem is also that he’s nice, pushover-level nice. In a queue, he lets the people behind him go ahead, almost as though he believes he doesn’t deserve better. In other words, we are talking severe self-esteem issues as well.

So it makes sense that he allows his life to be taken over by a gangster (Sathya, played by Samuthirakani), who exists at the opposite end of the self-esteem spectrum – Arvind lets others take over his life, while Sathya decides how others should live (or die). Sathya begins to pull strings when Arvind tells him he has fallen for Janani (Priya Anand) – he manipulates events and makes Arvind appear special. One lie becomes two becomes four becomes a hundred. Comeuppance waits around the corner, banana peel in hand, and we realise the film isn’t as special as it thinks it is.

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