“Varnyathil Aashanka”… A slyly written shaggy-dog story masquerading as a heist movie

Posted on August 7, 2017


Spoilers ahead…

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The title, Varnayathil Ashanka (Confusion in the Description), couldn’t be more appropriate. Sidharth Bharathan’s new film could be described as a “heist movie” – a jewellery-store heist is, after all, the most conspicuous aspect of the movie, the thing you’d mention in the one-liner plot description. But a viewer who walked in expecting the thrills of a heist movie – the plotting, the team-building, the painstaking preparations, the heart-stopping execution – would be confused. For the heist itself is conceived almost accidentally, and it plays out around the interval point: it begins a little before, it ends a little after. What, then, is the rest of the film about?

To get there, we need to begin with Pradheesh (Shine Tom Chacko). Listening to one of his schemes – labelling regular produce as “organic” and pocketing a profit – you’d be tempted to call him a criminal, but that’s too grand a word for him. He’s really just desperate. He isn’t particularly smart or hard-working or motivated, and the short-cut seems the easiest way to make money. But for what?

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