“Meesaya Murukku”… An ineffective romance, an unconvincing coming-of-age drama

Posted on August 8, 2017


Spoilers ahead…

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The musical duo named Hiphop Tamizha – comprising Adhi and Jeeva – is behind the surprise success, Meesaya Murukku (Twirl that Moustache). They’ve written the story, screenplay, dialogue and lyrics, composed the music, and directed the film, which is somewhat autobiographical: this is the story of a boy with music-making ambitions (Adhi) who went to engineering college, met with failure before meeting a Radio Mirchi RJ who helped a video go viral, and ended up composing for a Sundar C film starring Vishal. The (admittedly catchy) song in the video went Clubbula mubbula, which is the hip-hop answer to the nineties’ hit, Senthamizh naattu Thamizhachiye, a rant against Indian women who do “Western” things like going to bars, having a drink…

It’s “Tamil culture” as our films would have us believe, and it fits right in with the aggressively “Tamil” image that Adhi has cultivated, beginning with the likeness of Subrahmanya Bharathi that appears on the band’s logo. Subsequently, Adhi has been part of the jallikattu protests. The group lent its name to an apparel brand named Tamizhanda Clothing, which sells clothes with slogans and quotes written in Tamil. (From their web site: “Bringing to the fore – the fame of Tamil in a fashion attire. Stand tall. Sport the pride. Tamizhanda clothing.”) And then, there’s the music itself: hiphop, with Tamil lyrics.

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