“Podhuvaga EmManasu Thangam”… An utterly generic hero-versus-villain comedy-drama

Posted on August 18, 2017


Spoilers ahead…

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How do you tweak the standard hero-versus-villain rural melodrama? You could do worse than cast Parthiepan as the villain. The actor lends some of his trademark colour to the part of a big shot named Oothukaataan, who swears revenge on a neighbouring village because he wasn’t allowed to conduct his little girl’s ear-piercing ceremony at the local temple. He wants to drive everyone out of the village and bring the temple deity to his village. Or something. It doesn’t matter. He does villainous things so that the hero can do heroic things. He also adheres to Clause 142-C of the Tamil Film Villain’s Rulebook and begets a daughter (Leelavathi, played by Nivetha Pethuraj) that the hero can fall in love with.

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