“Vivegam”… A generic action movie with decent ideas but no follow-through

Posted on August 24, 2017


Spoilers ahead…

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Vivegam (Prudence) is a big-hero movie, so let’s begin with the big hero introduction shot. We’re in a Serbian forest, where Evil Man No. 1 is selling a hard disk to Evil Man No. 2. One of them calls himself “ruler of Russian mafia,” which instantly raises a few questions. For instance: Is the Russian mafia like a kingdom, where the head isn’t just a “don” but a “ruler”? Are his underlings required to bow in his presence? What is Putin’s take on this self-proclaimed monarch? (Were his services invoked during the American presidential election?) I’m fairly sure the answers were on screen, but I was unable to catch much over the screaming and whistling in the theatre.

But that is understandable. Everyone knows, of course, that the first five minutes of the big-hero movie are pretty much a write-off in terms of exposition, especially when Anirudh is conducting his own little Metallica concert in the background. All this is just the prelude to the hero’s appearance – and in true “mass”-movie style, this occurs in parts. First, we glimpse the famous salt-and-pepper hair. Then, his silhouette, with two outstretched arms pointing guns at the bad guys. Finally, after an explosion, light from the blast lights up Ajay “AK” Kumar (Ajith, in autopilot mode, playing a Counter Terrorist Squad agent). You have to wonder: If the amount of thought expended on the hero’s introduction were devoted to the screenplay, what terrific movies we’d get!

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