“Arjun Reddy”… A coming-of-rage drama which digs deep, rings true

Posted on September 1, 2017


Spoilers ahead…

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The southern film industries are apparently in a race to tell stories about clean-shaven college boys who lose their love, gain a beard, and spend the rest of the film not just battling inner demons but also making a running joke of the CBFC’s smoking/drinking disclaimer. Tamil cinema gave us Varanam Aayiram. Malayalam cinema dreamed up Premam. Then we got Kirik Party, in Kannada. Now, it’s Telugu cinema’s turn, with Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Arjun Reddy, which is bookended by a soothing image that belies the storms in between. A man and a woman are sleeping on a bed, lulled by sounds of the sea that lies just ahead. They could be the only two people on earth.

At least in the eyes of Arjun (Vijay Deverakonda), they are. He wants Preeti (Shalini Pandey) – nothing else matters. Early on, Arjun’s grandmother (Kanchana) tells a story about how he lost a toy as a child, and “ate and slept in grief.” Not much has changed. Arjun treats Preeti like a toy, literally imposing himself on her after laying eyes on her in medical college (shades of Balas’ Sethu here) – and when he loses her, he thrashes about in a tsunami of self-pity. There’s a lot of posturing. There’s also a lot of truth.

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