“Pullikkaran Stara”… A directionless ramble about the life and loves of a middle-aged man

Posted on September 6, 2017


Spoilers ahead…

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Pullikaran Stara (The Gentleman is a Star), directed by Shyamdhar, begins well enough. An army man, unable to take any more of the Indo-Pak war, returns home, to Idukki — and it turns out that it was the separation from his wife he was really unable to take. The couple reunites. The doors close. When they open, the wife is heavily pregnant. The gently whimsical (and amusing, it must be said) tone continues when the baby is born, and its hand accidentally brushes against the breast of a “plump nurse,” as the voiceover puts it. A series of similar accidents ensure that the boy, Rajakumaran, is branded with a “reputation.” As an adult (Mammootty), the mere mention of his name causes married women to pull up their sari closer to the neck.

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